Just found a live video of Elliott Smith’s full 2000 set at Bumbershoot Festival that’s actually solid quality. Just an amazing artist gone way to soon.

Finding bands I missed on from my youth is both annoying thinking I could have enjoyed them then ,but also so rewarding for music of my style. Today’s new band is Failure who the record store was playing while shopping. I thought it was the band Hum so that gives you an idea.

How can Peacock TV not have airplay on videos in 2022? This is amazingly poor app development.

Decided to try using Drafts as a way to post to micro blog. I didn’t feel the need to use iA Writer or Ulysses as the cost is not worth it for me. Hopefully this works even if I have to sub to Drafts.

Been a lot of good writing on quitting social media. I’ve been weighing this as well. I had been gone from FB, IG and Twitter for 2 years now, but just recently restarted FB due to my running club being driven 90% by the group page. Frustrating but trying to decide if necessary.

Troy Patterson

A tech writer interested in using devices more intelligently along with supporting developers who respect their users.

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